Sunday, June 16, 2013


At the May, 2013 Board of Regents meeting, the HSSU administration reported it was considering a 3% across the board raise which would go into effect this fall.  Since the HSSU-NEA has been organizing to achieve a collective bargaining agreement for over a year, HSSU-NEA believes that it is no coincidence that a raise was discussed at this time.

Although a raise is a step in the right direction, HSSU-NEA has other important concerns besides a salary increase that include: salary parity, curricular control, student recruitment/retention, faculty development, hiring practices, etc.

It is the position of the HSSU-NEA that capital improvements in recent years have taken precedence over academic programs at the university.  HSSU-NEA would like to work with the administration and the board in establishing new financial priorities.
HSSU-NEA seeks to work toward a better future for the university’s students and in making teaching and learning the main priority at Harris-Stowe State University.

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