Friday, June 21, 2013


Last week the St. Louis Evening Whirl, a local “gossip” newsletter, published a derogatory article about Harris-Stowe State University president, Albert Walker, which referenced HSSU-NEA.  HSSU-NEA categorically denies any direct involvement in the article.  HSSU-NEA also has not called for a “vote of no confidence” in Dr. Walker this fall.

HSSU-NEA’s efforts to secure a collective bargaining agreement are neither about President Walker nor his administration.  It is about promoting the interests of the Harris-Stowe State University faculty and the Harris-Stowe State University student body.  What HSSU-NEA wants is to:

  • Improve HSSU enrollment management strategy for student recruitment and retention.
  • Improve student campus life at HSSU.
  • Improve salary and benefits to attract, recruit, and retain the best possible full-time and adjunct faculty for HSSU students.
  • Recruit a more diverse student population at HSSU.
  • Increase professional development opportunities, create and implement best practice tenure and promotion policies, expand the number of sabbaticals available, and strengthen the selection process to produce a more robust HSSU faculty.
  • Own the development of a curriculum that will offer students more academic choices. 
  • Have more direct involvement in advising HSSU students.

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