Sunday, October 27, 2013


In order to keep the Harris-Stowe community informed of ongoing developments since the historic election of October 1 where HSSU faculty authorized HSSU-NEA to represent them for the purposes of collective bargaining, HSSU-NEA has decided to email a short newsletter each Sunday.  Please feel free to distribute.
1. Board of Regents Invite HSSU-NEA to an Initial Meeting:  The Board of Regents and the administration has invited HSSU-NEA to meet this Wednesday to establish ground rules and to identify primary issues for the upcoming negotiations.  The meeting will take place at 8:30 in the board room (HGA 101).
2. Sunshine Requests:  The Board of Regents has honored MNEA and HSSU-NEA's request to provide salary information with respect to the three recent promotions and President Gully.  They also honored the request for information concerning the status of Emeritus President Givens' consulting contract.  MNEA and HSSU-NEA are still waiting on the Board of Regents to honor the sunshine request for the last four years of financial audits for the university.  MNEA and HSSU-NEA are pursuing legal remedies to obtain this information.
3. Organizing Campaigns: HSSU-NEA is meeting with professional staff, part time faculty, and support staff to assist them with their organizing efforts.
4. Campus Equity Week: HSSU-NEA is organizing an event this Monday as part of National NEA's "Campus Equity Week."  CEW is a campaign to draw national attention to the plight of adjunct and part time instructors across the country.  HSSU-NEA will be distributing literature about the campaign and the plight of contingent faculty outside of Busch stadium before Monday night's World Series game.  HSSU-NEA will also distribute CWE buttons that will be worn during the week.  For more information, contact me at
Mark Abbott, PhD
HSSU-NEA President

Friday, October 11, 2013

HSSU-NEA's Media Message

Over the last week, several articles have appeared in St. Louis media outlets that have portrayed Harris-Stowe State University in a negative light, and which have been attributed to HSSU-NEA.

The articles this past week do not reflect the core values and goals of HSSU-NEA, including our commitment to good faith bargaining.  HSSU-NEA wants to:

  • ·       Strengthen the enrollment management strategy for student recruitment and retention.
  • ·       Enhance student campus life.
  • ·       Increase salary and benefits to attract, recruit, and retain the best possible full-time and adjunct faculty for HSSU students.
  • ·       Recruit a more diverse population.
  • ·       Broaden professional development opportunities, create and implement best practices for tenure and promotion, expand the number of sabbaticals available, and straighten the selection process to produce a more robust faculty.
  • ·       Own the development of a curriculum that will offer students more academic choices.
  • ·       Have more direct involvement in advising HSSU students.

We look forward to working with the board of regents and the administration as equals through good faith bargaining to achieve these goals.