Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Importance of a Collective Bargaining Agreement for Harris-Stowe Faculty

Following a successful election on October 1, the HSSU-NEA will engage the Board of Regents in a collective bargaining process where the HSSU-NEA and Board will negotiate – as equals – to arrive at a collective bargaining agreement (CBA).  A legally binding agreement which cannot be changed unilaterally by either party, the CBA will define the rights and terms and conditions of employment for Harris-Stowe regular full-time faculty.

As a Harris-Stowe faculty member you receive a personal employment contract each year defining (minimal) terms of employment as unilaterally determined by the Board of Regents.  That contract is not a Collective Bargaining Agreement.  On this page are links for the collective bargaining agreements for the faculty of SIU-Carbondale and FAMU.  In addition, view the CBA for St. Louis Community College by clicking here.

We invite you to review each one carefully in order to appreciate the comprehensive breadth of a CBA, and to contemplate not only what it can mean for each of us as Harris-Stowe faculty, but what a stronger faculty can mean for our students.

A “Yes” vote on October 1 will be a major step to ensuring the fair working conditions, rights, and benefits you deserve.



Florida A & M  University CBA


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