Tuesday, September 24, 2013

HSSU Board of Regents / Administration and the October 1 Election

Since the publication of the letter from the administration and Board of Regents two weeks ago, many of you have asked about their role in the October 1 election. 

The HSSU administration and the Board of Regents have the right to educate  full-time faculty on the benefits or disadvantages of electing MNEA as their collective bargaining representative.  They may do this in large or small groups, one-on-one engagement, or – as you saw – through a letter to the faculty at-large.

However, between now and the election the university cannot do the following.

  •        Spy on you or watch you to see if you are participating in election or organizing activities.

  •        Cruise by organizing or HSSU-NEA election meeting locations or engage in surveillance through a third party.

  •        Promise you special “perks” or “favors” to keep you from organizing or participating in election activities.

  •        Make negative threats or promises to you.

  •        Interrogate you about your organizing or election activities.

  •        Ask you about your relationship to HSSU-NEA or how you intend to vote.

  •        Hire you or fire you based on your organizing or election activities.

  •         Ask you about the specifics of the HSSU-NEA or its meetings.

  •        Threaten you with adverse consequence if you vote for recognition.

  •        Discuss your organizing or election activities with you either individually or in small groups in the office of administrators.  

  •          Initiate a “do not vote for” or “do not organize” petition.

If a faculty member believes at any time one of these have occurred, he or she should document the situation and report it to the HSSU-NEA.

We are excited to be moving forward to shared-decision making and a brighter future for our students and our university.

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